Boutique-style social means responsive scope: your social media package should be as unique as your business. Let us put something together for you that matches your needs.

Social Media Management

We develop social media strategies for brands, businesses, and talent. From community management to brand consulting, we can manage as much or as little of your social as you need.


Social-first Strategy Development

We assess your digital marketing and business needs to align first and foremost with the latest social media platforms and tools.

Platform and Account Management

We can manage all of your social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok to ensure a cohesive cross-platform strategy.

Community Growth and Engagement

We leverage social media to identify and engage with appropriate audiences to build a strong community around your brand.

Social Listening

We monitor your social media channels for mentions and opportunities to respond to consumers and continue the conversation around your brand and business.

Content Publishing

We publish and monitor your social media daily activity to ensure your content is timely and responsive to your brand and community needs.

Content Analysis

We track and analyze your content’s performance to discover and feature the best and most appropriate content for your brand and audience.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze the competitive landscape to provide a comprehensive assessment of your brand’s opportunities in the current market.

Brand Consulting and Auditing

We offer one-on-one personalized and team consultations to identify, assess, and strategize a unique social media approach to your brand and business needs.

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“Aya has been a huge asset to our company, acting as an extension of our social team and allowing us to provide a robust 24 hour community management offering to our customers. Aya provides a seamless transition from our team to hers, effortlessly picking up on day to day changes within the business, intuitively assisting potential customers and flagging important trends or issues to the wider team. We would highly recommend working with Aya!”

– Lauren Hannifan, Head of Brand

Paid Media Management

The privacy landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, which has affected how platforms are able to deliver ads to the right customers. But paid social advertising remains a crucial space for business growth and brand awareness. We keep abreast of the ever-changing world of paid social to strategize and build the most effective campaigns tailored to each client's goals.


Campaign Conceptualization

With you, we determine how to best use paid social to support and grow your business.

Platform Strategy

We align your media campaigns with your evergreen content to maintain a cohesive brand identity across all platforms and promotions.

Smart Optimization

We monitor and test the performance of your ads at all levels to ensure that ad spend is producing the most value for you.

Performance Insights

We keep our finger on the pulse. Our internal reporting software provides real-time insights to deliver optimal results for your business.

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“We’ve been working with Social Intellect for a few months and during that time we’ve seen great growth and increased sales. Aya and Jeremy listen to our business needs and have supported and positively contributed to our social media direction. Thanks, Social Intellect!”

– Esther Lawrie, Head of Operations,


Influencer Management

Social Intellect identifies and forges relationships with creators on your behalf to create authentic content that resonates with your brand’s story. We liase during the contracting phase, conceptualize and brief creators, follow up at regular intervals to keep things on track, and ensure deliverables are met, posted, and meet the brand's expectations.

Paid Partnerships

We identify and forge relationships with influencers on your behalf to guarantee content production that reflects brand identity.

Gifting and Product Seeding

We pinpoint gifting opportunities to influencers to help generate awareness around your brand and business.

Giveaways and Contests

We strategize, execute, and monitor opportunities for engagement around your brand and services.

Long-term Co-Branded Partnerships

We help develop and manage long-term relationships and campaigns with influencers, brands, and businesses that are tailored to your goals.

“I have curated and established my brand, Dr Krystyna, over the last 7 years and worked with several social media experts so I am very aware of what I would like to achieve. Aya from Social Intellect has been the most consistently professional and successful for me! I am incredibly lucky to work with such an intelligent and creative individual and I completely trust her with the growth of my business.”

- Dr Krystyna (@drkrystyna)

Content Creation + Strategy

Social Intellect takes a social-first approach to creative conceptualization and production to generate thumb-stopping content catered specifically to each platform.


We identify and develop your brand’s DNA to communicate your expertise and value to larger social media audiences.


It’s true—a picture’s worth a thousand words but thumb-stopping captions bring your brand to life.

Content Direction and Conceptualization

From a social-first perspective, we navigate the crowded terrain of digital marketing to provide a content plan for your brand.

Creative Strategy

From conceptualization to execution, we utilize the tools of social media management to strategize content that resonates with your community across platforms and campaigns.

Growth Strategy

Social Intellect helps partners articulate and execute their business goals to grow their social footprint, increase lead generation, and promote sales. Growth is always strategized around a whole-business approach. That means coordinating all three of our social media pillars: organic, paid, and influencers.

Pillars of Growth

Social Media Management
Paid Media Management
Influencer Management
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