The landscape of paid social media is changing constantly because of platform and privacy updates. Your strategy needs to evolve with it.

Paid Media Management

It used to be that knowledgeable marketers could leverage self-serve social advertising and the tracking data that platforms generate as a standalone strategy for running digital ads. Consumers want more privacy, however, and with that desire have come many changes to how data is used and shared on social platforms. What hasn't changed is the fact that social advertising remains a central pillar of growth for most brands and businesses. We'll help you strategize how to allocate your budget, build your ads and campaigns, and walk you through the performance data to make sure that your social ads are as smart as they can be.

Why Partner with an Agency for Paid Media?

Platforms have made it easier than ever for anyone to run ad campaigns across social media and other digital spaces. But easy-to-use platforms only remove one barrier. Getting serious about your marketing means bringing expertise and experience to platforms like Meta, Google, and TikTok.


It's about building your marketing fundamentals.


It's important to remember that platform tools are easy to use for everyone, your competitors included. The real difference between feeling like you're wasting your ad dollars and feeling good about the investment comes down to strategy: knowing what your ads are for, and that they're doing their job.


Our job is to help you answer those questions, put your ad dollars to work, and feel good about the plan you have.

This is for you if...

You want to advertise on social, but you need a plan

We will help you strategize everything from spend to audience to campaign scope, specifically tailored to your needs and your goals.

You need someone to take things off your plate

We'll collect all the information we need from you, strategize and build campaigns, and launch, monitor, and optimize them. Our fee doesn't scale up with ad spend, so you can focus on putting your money where your need is.

You want to give your organic strategy a boost

For many brands today, organic social is just one piece of the puzzle. A strong organic approach sometimes needs a little boost, even if your ad budget is small.

Case Study: Penguin Random House

PRH is the biggest publishing house in the world. They publish books of every type through dozens of imprints. Not surprisingly, like all major retail corporations, their social ad footprint is substantial. We work closely with their teams to make sure campaigns launch on time, from the right accounts, and with the right objectives. We assist their data team with reporting and use those insights to keeping pushing ad performance.

Project Management, Strategy, and Support

PRH has a robust in-house structure with lots of experienced marketers. Through many years of refinement, their teams provide top-shelf in-house social marketing strategy and execution already. Even within an operation this robust, sometimes an extra hand or two is still helpful! We've worked with numerous PRH divisions to advise on, build, monitor, and help project manage hundreds of social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok. From debut authors to ultra-popular and celebrity authors, these campaigns help get books into the hands of those who will enjoy and cherish them most.

Social Intellect feels like an extension of our own team! They seamlessly incorporated into our process, bringing extensive knowledge and advertising insights to our campaigns. They are always quick to respond and thorough in their work. It’s a pleasure to work with such a collaborative team we know we can trust.

-Abigail Mallick, Associate Director, Paid Media Strategy and Ad Operations, Penguin Random House


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