Full Funnel Audit:

What's Not Working?

You know your product or service is solid, and you're spending a lot of time marketing it, but something's not working. The Full Funnel Audit is an opportunity to streamline and improve your customers' journeys to purchase.

Information Gathering

First, we gather all the information you can provide us: current funnel design, business goals, sales numbers, web analytics, social analytics, etc. What have you tried and how is it working?


Then, we do a full-scale analysis and redesign of your funnel, focusing on balancing the customer journey with demands on your time and energy. Here, we'll make recommendations to connect the pieces, eliminate inefficiencies, and help you get the most out of your time and resources.

Recap and Consultation Call

Finally, we'll schedule a 60-minute one-on-one, where we'll recap the analysis deck and talk through any other questions or issues you might have. This is a time to establish a concrete plan that you feel ready to pursue.

Trained Analysis

With decades of experience in both academic and professional settings, we are highly trained to diagnose and improve the mechanics of persuasion. Our analyses draw on years of exposure to cutting edge research as well as on-the-ground, daily work with clients. The primary goal is to solve the very specific and unique puzzle that is YOUR business.

Actionable Next Steps

Analysis for its own sake is nice, but you are looking to take your business into its next stages. The document we produce for you is designed as a roadmap, helping you decide exactly what your next steps are and how you plan to use your time and resources. More organic posting? Facebook ads? Tweaking or redesigning your website? We'll help you figure out next steps.

Schedule your audit now

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