The Buck Stops with Social


Introducing: The Buck Stops with Social

all Aug 14, 2023

Welcome to our web series, The Buck Stops with Social. Here, you'll find articles that ruminate on, analyze, and explore a wide variety of topics related to social media and digital marketing. In the future, as the archive of topics expands, we'll inevitably need to come up with a categorization schema, but for now, you can browse the tags for topics you may be interested in reading about. Both Aya and Jeremy will be regular contributing authors, though we may bring others in if it makes sense.


We're academics by training and digital marketers by trade. What this means for The Buck Stops with Social is that articles often try to hold the conceptual and practical together: we attempt to proceed with the most precise inquiries possible, to ask the most pressing and important questions, but also to face topics at the level that is most relatable to and useful for people in the business of social media and marketing. On the ground, as it were. As an agency, we believe that's one of the greatest strengths we bring to the table, so it's only natural that we might want to demonstrate the ability to do that work in our writing. Plus, we can't help ourselves; we're powerless to turn it off.


Hope you enjoy.


-Jeremy & Aya


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