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The roots of Social Intellect lie in almost three decades of collective experience teaching and studying communication at the highest level. Both Aya and Jeremy are trained academics who have worked simultaneously in the university and in industry, and in 2020 decided that the field of social media management needed an option grounded in the principles of effective communication and persuasion. Beyond knowledge of platforms and algorithms, what was too often lacking was the capacity to think around and outside of these systems, to create a unique social approach for each client individually rather than a set of pre-formed packages. Social should start with your needs and only then move to our solutions, which is why Social Intellect is Social, Smarter.


Aya Farhat, PhD

Aya earned her B.A. and M.A. at Baylor University and her PhD in Communication at the University of Maryland. Before co-founding Social Intellect, Aya worked as a freelancer for various brands and projects. She began her social media career at MB Social, a full-service social media agency based in New York City. At MB Social, Aya served as an Account Director, leading brand strategy, community growth, and engagement for brands like CeraVe, SkinCeuticals, Thayers, and Naot Footwear. She has taken this industry knowledge with her to build Social Intellect, where she helps brands like AcneFree, Baxter of California, Snug, and White & Co. develop their social media footprint and grow an engaged community.



Jeremy Grossman, PhD

Jeremy has a B.A. and an M.A. from Colorado State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, all in Communication. He has taught persuasion and professional communication for 15 years, not only at CSU and UGA but also at Baylor University and his current institution, the University of Maryland. During graduate school, he spent several years contracting in market research reporting and running a successful YouTube business on the side. In addition to all things administrative, Jeremy runs the self-serve paid side of Social Intellect, coordinating paid strategy with organic for clients interested in a holistic social media strategy and running exclusive paid campaigns for clients like Penguin Random House who wish to make the most of their social ad spend.


Emma Parker

Emma has a B.A from the University of Missouri in English, specializing in fiction. Writing her own stories morphed into capturing stories for others and her creative pursuits led her to build a photography business focused on connections and unique imagery. Now, as a creative director at Social Intellect, she brings together her love for art and her drive to create a lasting impression with the brands she assists with, including Baxter of California and AcneFree.


Complimentary initial consultations that help you find a smarter way to social

Everyone's business is different, so why would everyone's social be the same? Let's chat, and together we'll determine the best social approach for your brand, business, or organization.

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